Bojanic 住宅


Martin Fenlon Architecture 设计的这个住宅由一个平房改建而来,位于美国 Sherman Oaks 山上,可以眺望不远处圣费尔南多峡谷的壮丽景色。设计的挑战来自如何完全享用景观,同时提供一个住宅所需要的隐私、庇护功能。


What started out as a relatively minor remodel of a modest bungalow evolved over the course of construction into a new 2,500 s.f. house, with the existing foundation and footprint as the only original elements.  The Bojanics acted as owner-builders, keeping construction costs to a bare minimum.  The end result was a uniquely collaborative effort; one where the design was worked out on a day-to-day basis during construction in a manner that bordered on improvisation.

The site is at the top of the hills of Sherman Oaks, just under the Mulholland ridgeline, and affords a spectacular view of the San Fernando Valley. The Bojanics wanted a house that would not only take advantage of the view, but also maintain the more traditional role of a house as a private, protective shelter.  This somewhat contradictory request presented a challenge.  The response was an open plan of spaces oriented towards the view, set within a heavy, monolithic mass which provides the necessary closure and protectively hovers above. The negotiation of these opposing aspects is most evident in the entrance; a solid wall, with a door weighing hundreds of pounds, becomes the point of entry which is situated within, and counter to, the open glass walls.


设计事务所 Martin Fenlon Architecture
地点 美国, 谢尔曼奥克斯
面积 762 m2
摄影 Martin Fenlon Architecture




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目录: 建筑, 住宅