Ekros 别墅


Marge Arkitekter 设计的这个别墅位于瑞典一个成熟的花园住宅小区里,小区多是传统的漆成红色的木制建筑。项目的想法是为这些传统建筑提供一个现代化的解决方案。传统的坡形屋顶保留了下来,并赋予了新的角度,室内设计充分考虑了这些角度,从而产生了意想不到的空间。


Villa Ekros is located in a residential area with mature gardens and traditional wooden buildings painted red. The idea of the new villa is to within the controlled (local plan) find a contemporary solution for the traditional red house. The screwed form of the plan is adapted to preserve the fine trees of the property and to minimize the transparency between the neighbors. It gives the house and its pitched roof completely new angles. The interior reflects these angles and is given unexpected spatial formations.

The staircase is located in the middle of the house and becomes a natural room divider. Kitchen, living room, laundry and play room are located on the lower floor. Upstairs the four bedrooms bathroom and walk-in closet are located. The upper floor is connected with the kitchen downstairs through the double high ceiling staircase.


设计事务所 Marge Arkitekter
地点 瑞典, 斯德哥尔摩
面积 200 m2
摄影 Johan Fowelin




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目录: 建筑, 住宅