Norra Vram 敬老院


这是 Marge Arkitekter 设计的一个养老院,位于瑞典。项目始于对当地居民关于养老院的一个调查分析。材料上,项目使用了可持续材料,采用地热系统。布局上,建筑类似于当地的农场,也与周围其它建筑相呼应。室内设计的原则是宽敞、温馨以及现代化的环境。


Initially the project focused on analysis; how nursing homes normally are designed and what the social effects of the design are. An analysis was done of the target group which mainly is the residents, their relatives and the staff. It was important to find places where these target groups meet and how they could find stimuli in their physical environment. Environments that are semi private/public, for example the office, the coffee shop, the hotel or the museum was incorporated in the analysis as well as the functions of a private home . We found functions in these areas that could be placed in a home for elderly people. Functions that not only help create meetings and interaction between people but also give the place a sense of home and privacy.

Sustainable materials have been used trough out the project. The heating system was replaced by ground heat. The nursing home in Norra Vram consists of a late 19th century Mansion that’s been rebuilt and extended, in total 2500 sqm. The volumes are designed to aesthetically resemble old Swedish farms, and to complement other houses in the neighborhood. A couple of mews are placed next to each other and in the spaces between them atrium courtyards are situated. The small green gardens allow residents with medical conditions to enjoy time outdoors by themselves. The volumes are plastered in different colors, picking up the shades in the red brick of the existing Mansion.

The first impression of the interior is a spacious and welcoming entrance area. This is a flexible space for gatherings with a reception, a library and a small espresso bar. From here you reach three wards – one for short time staying, one for people with dementia and one for people with physically and mentally impaired ability. All residential rooms are organized adjacent to a communal living room or a green court yard. In that way, long corridors are minimized on behalf of more stimulating meeting places and focal points. The different wards are connected with each other which make it possible to walk around, a necessity for people with dementia.

In order to create a more contemporary environment and to avoid the sense of elderly care institution Norra Vram refer to spaces that represent the private and public spheres in our daily life. Spaces created within the nursing home that intend a sence of home in combination with spaces like the library, the coffee shops or the hotel.


设计事务所 Marge Arkitekter
地点 瑞典
面积 2,500 m2
摄影 Johan Fowelin




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 瑞典