North Mountain 旅游中心


John Douglas 设计的这个游客中心位于美国 North Mountain 公园,原址曾经是个停车场。项目的主要挑战是当地的地质构造与沙漠环境。倾斜的墙壁由一层锌覆盖,反映了当地丰富的锌资源。外墙体被染成三种当地景观最常见的颜色,使得建筑与周围环境有着内在的联系。


What was once merely a trail head parking lot, now serves as a gateway to the vast and rugged North Mountain Park.  The visitor center educates locals, tourists and youth, on the significance of the mountain preserve and its Sonoran desert ecology.  20,000 visitors have toured the center over the past year and have taken with them a new sense of understanding on the importance of open-space preservation in our bustling metropolis.

Prior to beginning design studies, specific research was conducted to ensure that the design of the facility would be responsive to its desert environment. One of the key contributors to the design team’s understanding of the site was a team of geologists from ASU. Their explanation of the hidden forces that shape the terrain, led directly to the form and materials of the Center.

This particular site lies at the juncture of new and very old geologic events. The angle of uplift visible in the hillside that backdrops the Center is about 10-12 degrees from vertical. The walls of the center that parallel this feature are canted outward at that angle to express the hidden dynamic of the landforms.

The geologist also pointed out that zinc was a naturally occurring mineral in this hillside, so zinc cladding was selected for the canted walls to further reference the site conditions. Given the variety of rocks and minerals on site, the architect made a collection which later served as a guide for selecting colors that would complement the natural surroundings. Ultimately, the exterior concrete block walls of the Center were dyed to match the three most dominant colors in the landscape. This allowed the completed structure to have a strong visual tie with its surroundings.

Some of the major environmental accomplishments of the facility are as follows:

•    The facility was built with minimum impact to the site: all new facilities were located on previously disturbed land.

•    The building was built to be very energy efficient: effective shading devices were employed to block sunlight from the large gallery windows. The shade overhang is 24 feet deep. Exterior walls are Integra insulated concrete block.

•    Integral colored block was used, which doesn’t require painting, to minimize maintenance of the facility

•    Beautiful views of the Park were maximized by design and layout of the project

•    Exterior restrooms were added for trail users when the facility is closed

•    A stabilized granite parking area was added for equestrians

•    All of the trees on site were salvaged and replanted throughout the area

•    The Exhibit Hall was designed to accommodate interactive interpretive displays on Sonoran desert ecology and to allow room for traveling exhibits

A public Grand Opening was held on September 24, 2005, on National Public Lands Day.  Over 5,000 turned out to welcome this new facility.

We believe that this Visitor Center sends a clear and positive message to the public about the possibilities that informed design can offer our desert environment.


设计事务所 John Douglas Architects
地点 美国
项目建筑师 John Douglas
面积 10,000 sf
摄影 Alex Vertikoff




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