Palm Fiction


这是 baumraum 所做的一个概念设计。蓝色的天空、金色的沙滩、清澈的海水、摇曳的棕榈树,给了崇尚自然的人们一个梦幻般的居处。


The South Seas …. golden sandy beaches, warm, clear water, a constantly blue sky and, naturally, loads of palms. I am enjoying a martini on ice, or perhaps a White Russian five metres about the ground on my terrace, which sways between the coconut palms. The palm leaves provide pleasant shade. My eyes gaze towards the sea, while my senses luxuriate in the soothing sound of the waves. The sun slowly drops on the horizon and disappears into the sea with a breathtaking display of colours, like a giant fireball. It grows dark, but it is still very, very warm. Perhaps another drink or two? Barely definable animal noises from the adjacent forest blend with the endless sound of the sea. Black night falls, and I climb up a few steps higher to my cocoon in the palms. I leave all the windows open and a gentle breeze ripples through the curved interior. The glass dome of my little kingdom gives me a view of the majestic starry firmament. Everything sways gently and my body is overtaken by a comfortable drowsiness…


设计事务所 baumraum
地点 德国
项目建筑师 Andreas Wenning




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地点: 德国