Galleria Centercity


UNStudio 设计的这个项目位于韩国天安市,集商业,文化和休闲于一体,是在私人的商业空间内追求公共的文化空间的绝佳案例。如何做出一个超越商业空间的盈利性与效率性的扩展解释是整个设计的核心,一个多样化的方案将能提供给访客刺激的经历。双层的外墙挂接到一个垂直的竖框上形成了一个特殊的外观,内部则是分层的、多样式的,以吸引访客探寻未知的空间。


UNStudio’s Galleria Centercity Department Store in the Korean city of Cheonan reclaims the social and cultural space within the private, commercial large scale department store.

Rather than being the outcome of a prescriptive, standard-critical approach, the design of the Galleria Centercity is based on observations of current behavioural tendencies in large commercial spaces. Particularly in South East Asia, department stores serve a highly social function; people meet, gather, eat, drink and both shop and window shop in these venues. The department store is no longer solely a commercial space, it now offers the architect the opportunity to build upon and expand the social and cultural experience of the visitor. If today we are seeing the museum as a supermarket, then we are also now seeing the department store as a museum.

An expanded interpretation of utility beyond efficiency and profitability is at the heart of the design. In view of this, along with a more varied programme, UNStudio’s design seeks to provide a stimulating experience for the visitor.

On the outside, this is translated into an appearance that is almost impossible to fix. The double layered facades are articulated in a trompe l’oeuil  pattern of vertical mullions. The vertical lines on the façade make the scale of the building unreadable; does it contain three floor levels, or fifteen? On the inside, this play with scale and dimension is continued in a way that is at least as radical as the outside. Upon entering, the department store is revealed as a layered and varied space which encourages investigation and unfolds  as you move through and up the building.

Programmatically, the Galleria Cheonan incorporates a number of cultural and public spaces, including an art and cultural centre and a vip room. In the basement, a food court and specialty supermarket constitute another distinct destination within the building, which is simultaneously integrated with the overall design strategy.


设计事务所 UNStudio
地点 韩国, 天安
设计团队 Kim Tai-jip, Han Ki-young, Nam Myung-kwan, Yoon Chang-bae, Park Seong-beom, Kwon Na-young, Nam Young-ho
面积 site 11,235 m2 / building 7,090 m2 / gross floor 110,530.73 m2
摄影 Christian Richters, kim Yong-kwan




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地点: 韩国, 天安