Torschreiberhaus 餐厅


Matthias R Schmalohr 设计的这个餐厅由一个旧的半木结构房子扩展而来,位于一座古老的城墙边上。新旧建筑的共存与联系是整个设计的理念。


The restaurant ‘Torschreiberhaus’ is embedded in the green of the rampart on the waterfront of a brook. The restaurant extension originates from an ambitiously designed cube on the garden-side of the half-timbered house. Instead of the expected standard local materials and forms a container-like rusty box surprises here. It seems to float above the wall at the bank of the brook.The Corten-steel-cube distinguishes from the old building and keeps the distance to the historical building, but is nevertheless linked to it by the existence of a glass-joint.

The coexistence of old and new and the link between inside and outside dictate the idea for the design. The timber-framing of the historical building is being interpreted as a modern wood-construction, carrying the extension. The outside wall of the old building becomes the inside wall of the new building, the size of the stone providing the form for the lamps. The outside finds its continuation in the inside: a continuous, stringent concept for the material, based on the contrast between old and new. Corten-steel, precious wood and few, precisely designed details. A consequent symbiosis.


设计事务所 Matthias R Schmalohr DI Architect BDA DWB
地点 德国, 明斯特
设计师 Matthias R Schmalohr
面积 site 400 m2 / building 42 m2
摄影 Klaus Dieter Weiss




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地点: 德国, 明斯特