Matthias R Schmalohr 完成的这个项目是对一个旧有住宅的翻修与改造。倾斜的屋顶底面与垂直的外立面形成了一个具有个性和特色的空间,新的屋顶天窗带来的自然光线令整个空间开放、光亮,与之前的细小、黑暗,成为天壤之别。


The underside of the roof forms large planes of tilted enclosure areas, strongly felt by anyone standing in the new spaciousness; the few vertical surfaces merging with the tilting planes forming a unified canopy above the completely open floor area.

The roof space itself has now emerged to become a space with individuality and character. The before and after of this space have become worlds apart. Before, tiny, dark, claustrophobic boxes – after, now, an expanse of space and light with space to breathe, respecting an earlier tradition of one roof, one space.

The roof space of a large, listed Art Nouveau (ca.1900) townhouse has been renovated and modernised, including access via a new two-flight staircase. The challenge had been to create a spacious and useable room from a relatively dark and dismal attic, whilst at the same time adhering to all the relevant preservation bye-laws.

New large scale roof openings were not permitted, however, the skylights, using the maximum areas allowed, and the fully renovated dormer windows, have become definitive sources of light for the open vistas of the new roof space. The new bathroom fits cosily into its own white box whilst the free-standing chimney emphasizes the full height of the roof itself.

The newly created roof space is in keeping with the house itself and has a charm and a quality of ist own. It has been re-created to an original and authentic state, spatially and constructionally, and now hovers creatively and openly high up above its parent house below.


设计事务所 Matthias R Schmalohr DI Architect BDA DWB
地点 德国, 明斯特
设计师 Matthias R Schmalohr
面积 building 120 m2 / floor 36 m2
摄影 Klaus Dieter Weiss




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 德国, 明斯特