Signa Innsbruck


这是 landau + kindelbacher architects – interior designers 为 Signa 新落成的总部所做的室内设计。由当地胡桃木精心雕制的楼梯、水磨石地板,珍贵的木材,皮革衬里的墙壁和家具,纺织品和金属制成的精细织物,再加上各种材料的精细做工,使得整个空间优雅而清晰。


Together with the ceremonious opening of the Tyrol department store, the new headquarters of Signa Holding was opened with a luxurious interior design on Tyrol’s top two floors.

In addition to generous office spaces and conference areas, there is also a public lounge where employees can relax and enjoy a fantastic view of Innsbruck. Elegance and understatement, accompanied by an unusual mixture of materials and accentuated lighting, complete this extraordinary building. On the lower floor are the reception, a coffee bar and office areas, while the upper floor is reserved for business activities with conference rooms and the owner’s office. This arrangement is reflected in the choice of colors and materials. A sculptural staircase carved out of Tyrolese walnut is a local material reference that optically connects the two function areas. These terminate in a distinctive bar element that encourages communicative exchanges. Terrazzo flooring, precious woods, leather-lined walls and furniture, fine fabrics made of textiles and metals, plus the elaborate workmanship in the various materials, emphasize the clear and fine elegance of the new premises.


设计事务所 landau + kindelbacher architects – interior designers
地点 德国
面积 1,200 m2
摄影 landau + kindelbacher / Christian Hacker




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地点: 德国