Clear Cut


这是 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture 完成的一个艺术项目。在2011年夏天,Joakim Kaminsky 与 Maria Poll 走进了瑞典北部的深山老林,他们打算用 15 米长的镜面涂层材料来试图解释松树林的生命周期。这些清脆葱郁的松树林并不完全是自然生长的,有 90% 是瑞典的林业用料,它们一般有 60 年的生命周期。这些安装在树上的反光的材料,寓意像镜子一样吸收这片森林的光线、颜色以及气体,并见证这些树木的过去与未来。


In the summer of 2011 Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll went into the deep forests of Medelpad in northern Sweden. With them they brought 15 meters of mirror coated fabric aiming to create an installation that would interpret the life cycle of this pine forest.

However eternal it may seem this is not a natural forest. Like 90% of the forests in Sweden it is used for forestry consequently being continuously grown and chopped down in a 60 years life cycle.

We wanted to connect these trees to time. We wanted the installation to visualize a memory of earlier generations of pine trees that have stood here and forecast the clear cut that will soon replace them. Perhaps the mirrors could absorb the light, colors and smells of this place and save them for the future?

Joakim and Maria stayed in the forest during a day and a night observing how the installation changed in dialogue with its surroundings; during midday, as the sun set, as a mist came in, during the dark night and as the sun rose. Then they left, leaving no trace.


设计事务所 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
地点 瑞典
设计师 Joakim Kaminsky, Maria Poll
摄影 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture




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目录: 万花筒
地点: 瑞典