Clean Green


这是 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture 最近完成的一个项目,客户是瑞典的批发配送公司 Magnusson & Freij ,整个项目包括办公室,商店和仓库。建筑的艺术性和可持续性是整个设计的主题,随处可见的干净的绿色带来了清新的风格。


It all started with a vision from the founding family of the wholesale distribution company Magnusson & Freij, to have an office, store and warehouse that would be a state of the art sustainable building and at the same time reduce the energy consumption by 50%. The project Cleen Green was on its way.

The building that before was an old office and warehouse is today a state of the art sustainable office, store and warehouse.


设计事务所 Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
地点 瑞典, 默恩达尔
设计师 Fredrik Kjellgren, Joakim Kaminsky, Pamela Paredes, Johan Brandström, Vicente Castillio, Margherita Castellani & Maria Fernandes
摄影 KKA




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地点: 瑞典, 默恩达尔