Housing blocks in Milano


这是 GilBartolome ADW 完成的一个公租房的室内设计,生活质量与灵活性是整个设计的主题。虽然建筑的空间较低,但设计师没有拘泥于此,而是因地制宜的做了特殊的处理。客厅里的书柜、视听设备、特制的柔软地毯即让人感到亲切,也增强了室内空间的趣味性。卧室位于一个封闭的预制铝夹心板结构里,卧床上方的窗户让狭小的空间变得温馨。


This proposal is part of an approach that considers quality and flexibility as two major assets of the built environment. It is a time to build a patrimony for the future, long lasting, culturally and technically advanced, for the benefit of the future society.

At the same time it is an aim of the proposal to significantly improve the experience of every day life ot it’s users throught architectural design and technical implementations.

Some of these spaces are low but we consider them an opportunity to install a bookcase, a sound and television immersive equipment or to crawl underneath to lie a specially designed soft floor. Thery are intimate and attractive, they can be fun for children and they are certainly an added value. These spaces are part of the living room and belong to the same volume. Due to the geometry of these artifacts and the height of the dwellings, the central space of the house becomes larger, more generous, and almost a free plan. It is uncommun in public housing and will improve the living conditions of the people.

The different units are organized to achieve a maximum of space in the living room through the planning of secondary bedrooms inside two types of enclosed rooms. These are designed three dimensionally according to the necessary functions creating a series of opportunities in the living room in the form of auxiliary spaces that are an added value. These rooms can have one or two beds according to the specific necessities.

Direct sunlight close to the bed, the other above the desk and a window at the near, opening to the courtyard.

They provide privacy and a series of features that enhance the experience of intimacy and contemplation.

These are also included functional devices such as bookshelves, tables and lot of storage. Cross ventilation between the facade and the courtyard is provided. Also they are acoustically insulated from the exterior. There is a possibility of customization and rearrangement of the rooms by the user.

Prefabricated rooms:

The secondary bedrooms are enclosed on a prefabricated construction of aluminium sandwich panels. They have acoustic and thermal insulation.

They can be assembled and installed in the units before the cladding is on site. This system minimizes on site works and reduces costs and time.

The buildings are wrapped with a single glazed facade with a twofold purpose:on the one hand it generates green house effect that combinated with heat accumulations walls behind serve the purpose of transmitting energy from the sun to beat up the interior of the flats.

The structural system is designed to eliminate supports between facade and backside. Supports are placed just behind the facade and in the back wall facing the access corridors to the flats.

Thanks to the narrowest of the plan, there are saving in structure and a better arrangement  of bedrooms and livingrooms, achieving better ventilation and luminosity.


设计事务所 GilBartolome ADW
地点 意大利, 米兰
设计团队 Pablo Gil & Jaime Bartolomé
摄影 Courtesy of GilBartolome ADW




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 意大利, 米兰