“Fregaria Vesca” and “Kawamata”


这是 GilBartolome ADW 事务所刚刚完成的家具设计作品,集成了最新的制造技术和传统工艺。设计师的创意使得这个桌子不仅仅是简单的桌子,还可以放置展览物品,甚至种植植物。


Our designs are developed by integrating fabrication technologies and traditional crafts.

We have already made 3 prototypes :

“Fregaria Vesca” : an sculture with mobile wings. It could be used to present fresh fruit in Restaurants. Plants can be planted.

“Kawamata”: sculpture- expositor-table wich can be adapted to exhibition uses for example, jewelry.

“Skin” : sculpture-library made with lacquered steel, the system could be developed to fill the whole space.

“Cráter” : Low table with an inverted topography.


设计事务所 GilBartolome ADW
地点 丹麦
设计团队 Pablo Gil & Jaime Bartolomé
摄影 Courtesy of GilBartolome ADW




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目录: 万花筒
地点: 丹麦