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荷兰化妆品零售店。UXUS 设计,位于拉斯维加斯的丽都酒店。设计灵感来自街头市场的动态不断变化的性质和提炼新鲜产品的板条箱。松散的团体、成堆的箱子,装扮了这个灵活且具多样性的环境。整体概念店鼓励购物者浏览和发现他们喜爱的产品。天花板和墙壁都覆盖着金属和夜光元素。设计师创造了一个戏剧性的入口,打造了一个解构的“闺房”的空间。


Dutch cosmetics retailer SKINS 6|2 commissioned UXUS to design their first pilot store in the United States. Located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, the brief was to create an aspirational, yet accessible shopping experience showcasing a wide variety of brands and products. The Cosmopolitan is located at the heart of the infamous Vegas Strip and is a new key retail destination for the ‘multicultural, city chic, urban minded and design driven’ crowd.

Oliver Michell, UXUS partner states, “When Skins 6/2 Cosmetics’ owners approached us to establish their brand in the US, and we were thrilled at the oppor¬tunity to re-think the cosmetics retail experience. The site’s prime location at Las Vegas’ newest destination – the Cosmopolitan – was the ideal platform for launching the brand and concept, bolstered by distinguished neighbors such as London fashion retailer All Saints and New York’s famed Blue Ribbon Sushi, to name a few. So the challenge was to create an inspiring venue to showcase some very exciting cosmetic and perfume brands, and inject some magic into a new-built space (keeping in mind the Las Vegas factor…). By juxtaposing simple elements treated in unusual ways, strong visual merchandising opportunities and playing up the scale of the space, Skins 6/2 stands out as a dramatic, sponta¬neous boudoir – and the customer response has been wonderful. Many shoppers have already mentioned they take away the feeling of having been inspired, which really is the ultimate goal of any good retail experience. ”

SKINS 6/2 was inspired by the dynamic and ever-changing nature of street markets and refines the notion of freshly delivered crates of products to stimulate shopper curiosity. Loose groupings, stacks of boxes, and familiar fixturing keep the shop accessible and exciting. Generating this flexibility within the store was key in making the environment diverse, fresh and accommodating for any new products and services introduced. The overall store concept gives a sense of spontaneity and encourages shoppers to browse and discover their favorite products.

The ceiling and walls are covered with metallic and luminous elements. Touches of whimsy, such as the 100+ found hand and vanity mirrors studding the make-up area’s wall, and the ribbon of weathered pressed-tin ceiling tiles that wrap down to create a dramatic entrance, infuse the space with a deconstructed “boudoir” attitude.


设计事务所 UXUS
地点 美国, 拉斯维加斯
设计师 UXUS
面积 210 m2




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