La Finca


UXUS 完成的这个项目坐落在西班牙的马略卡岛,一个13世纪美丽的乡村农庄,现在已成为一个私人的度假住宅。设计师在保留原有的风格外,注入了现代的气息。白色的墙壁,陶土瓦片和外露木梁这些都被很好的保留下来,粗糙的地形启发了设计师的景观设计,它集成了一个花园,果园,古老的橄榄树,和一个15米长的泳池。在视觉上融合了现有的房子和周围的环境,形成一个和谐的整体。


Located in one of the most picturesque villages in Mallorca, a rustic Spanish farm from the 13th century has been transformed into a private family holiday residence by UXUS. The intent for La Finca was to create an atmosphere that embodied the principles of “rustic luxury” updated to better fit an elegant and relaxed contemporary lifestyle.


White walls, terracotta tiling and exposed wood beams provide the romantic atmosphere of a Spanish country cottage interior that is then furnished with a mix of contemporary designs by Tom Dixon, Conran and Philippe Stark. According to the clients this eclectic balance between the rustic architecture and the clean, simple sophistication of the décor creates an “ambiance that offers the relaxed pleasures of country life with the sophistication that reflects our style of living”.

The Gardens

The rough and dramatic Mallorcan terrain that surrounds the property inspired La Finca’s landscape design. Its gardens incorporate an orchard, ancient olive trees, a guesthouse and a 15-meter pool. The swimming pool is the centerpiece of the garden and is designed to appear suspended over the property’s orange orchard. The overall objective of La Finca was to visually blend the existing house, the natural surroundings and the new construction into a harmonious whole.


设计事务所 UXUS
地点 西班牙, 马洛卡
面积 total 2,640 m2
摄影 Dim Balsem




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙, 马洛卡