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漂亮的建筑系课程设计作品。这是瑞典哥德堡查尔姆斯理工大学建筑系的大师级课程“从文件到工厂”的教学成果,该设计由UNIT Arkitektur AB, Tengbom 提供。该结构形式的设计是从一个参数化设计模型设计得来,一组参数被定义好之后(如材料,位置,生产限制,控制形式参数,关节等),送入一个数字模型。 一系列以 1:5 为比例的模型被打印出来,以评估不同的解决方案。这个结构共用了 15 个学生 3 个小时完成组装。


This is the result of the Master´s course ”File to Factory” at the Department of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.


The form of the structure was designed by means of a parametric design model. A set of parameters were defined (e.g. material -, site – and production restrictions, form controlling parameters, joints etc.) and fed into a digital model. A series of 1:5 scale models were printed in a laser cutter to evaluate different solutions. Once the final shape was set, the production drawings for the building parts were exported from the model and sent to production.


The production of the ca 250 individual parts in 12 mm plywood was made by a 3-axis router by C6D Snickeri. Total time for programming the router and the production of the part was 34 hours.


The assemblage was made in an analog way; it took 3 hours for 15 students to assemble the structure. All the parts were fixed by means of plywood wedges so that the structure could easily be de- and reassembled (which it already has) The elapsed time for the process from design to assemblage was 4 weeks on half-time.


设计事务所 UNIT Arkitektur AB
地点 瑞典
设计师 Mikael Frej, Klas Moberg, Frans Magnusson
摄影 Chalmers University of Technology




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地点: 瑞典