Sosushi 寿司店


小巧的寿司店。UAU office 设计,位于都灵。这个寿司店由一个旧文具商店改造而来,设计师在空间极其受限的条件下,通过精心设计的长凳、货架使得整个空间井井有序。色彩与灯光的使用则让小店显得格外温馨。


The new take-away restaurant designed for the sushi brand Sosushi had to meet requirements of turning a small old stationery store, deep seated in the historical urban structure of the city, into a trendy place. UAU has been successful in maximizing the limited space offering each intersection of materials by using – shelves, benches and cubbies. This has helped avoiding nooks and corners to remain unused.

Made of clean cut shapes emphasized by matt white finish and furniture details colored magenta, the space, though overworked, is an harmonious composition balanced through the use of Plexwood.

Clearly referring to the minimal tradition of contemporary architecture, the architects succeeded in creating a place where a deep research on structure and shapes contribute to define a project, where each detail is not just left up to chance. Lighting fixtures have been selected and installed with the intention to highlight the food and drink on offer.

The shop is finished with Plexwood with matt white and magenta furniture to give an illusion of a spacious interior. The challenge of the project has been to optimize the space, “in the deep research of order and refinement that distinguish all our architectures, not avoiding pragmatism”.


设计事务所 UAU office
地点 意大利, 都灵
面积 45 m2
摄影 Enrico Muraro Photograph




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地点: 意大利, 都灵