PEPE 美发店


UAU office 设计的理发店。从功能上,整个空间分为工作区和休闲区。设计师采用橡木质地的家具,打造了一个宽阔,明亮,灵活的空间,面对着美丽的有着悠久历史的索尔费里诺广场。


Chromatic and perceptive contrasts enrich in details the essential lines and volumes of this hairstylist showroom where the different customers needs are sum up in a global design project.

The project alternates wooden oak volumes and on design furnitures with plain surfaces, merging into one working and relaxing time.

Since we were asked to divide the space into two main areas, one reserved to the washing operations, the other one for hairstylist job, we decided to make them clearly different.

On one side the working area is a wide, bright and flexible space, fully opened towards the beautiful and historical Piazza Solferino: the open space room meets the different needs of customers through the use of mobile furniture elements replacing traditional equipments. On the other side the washing room is conceived to be intense and overpowering, characterized by local audio diffusion and darker and softer colours, being mostly a private place to be used also as relax area.


设计事务所 UAU office
地点 意大利, 都灵
设计师 Marco Verrando, Mansueto Francesco
摄影 Enrico Muraro




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地点: 意大利, 都灵