造型优雅的日本宅院,SEISHO TAKASHI ARCHITECT’ STUDIO 设计。这个宅院是由一个旧的建筑改造而来,设计师保留了原始的边界轮廓,增加了曲线构造,使每一个部分具有适度的距离感。围绕着建筑安装的连续的高的窗户给了这个建筑一种统一的感觉。天井两 侧的屋顶被设计的非常宽敞,人们可以享受一个完整的360°视角的自然景观,这一定会成为孩子在成长过程中最完美的游乐场。


This is a housing reconstruction plan surrounded by abundance of nature. Conventional housing architecture used to be a one-story house on which expansion work has done repeatedly and disorderly by each generation. Helped by the size of the premise, it has created a very generous space, with the disorderly expansions turning to a positive factor. How to succeed such a “generosity” to a new housing architecture is a key point at this time. Major demands from potential house owners are, “To secure space for visiting guests”, ”Two-family home”, “To preserve nature as much as possible”, and “To retain the storehouse”

A building consists of the existing nature, garden and a contrast of a “sharp” outline of the building façade and “soft” boundaries which were constructed by free curves on the courtyard side. Such “soft” boundaries bring a sense of moderate distance to each section (Parents’ home, Child‘s home and guest area).

This loosely connected but united interior space, is created between the volume which was laid over the “sharp” lines and the volume which includes free curves, which create “softness”. This united space is not created based on a single characteristic, rather created by the contrast of the two characteristics (“Sharp” and “Soft”) just like in those expansion works. It was freed from the world without natural connection, and generates “Generosity”.

The high windows which were installed contiguously along the building give a sense of unity in the entire building. At the same time, they bring stable lights and nice views in to the inside of the building, soften the sense of one dimensional space, which in contract with volume, and create coziness that we find in space. Each section has unique characteristics, with various intensity of contrasts as well as different colors.

This architecture also features a large roof deck on the courtyard side. This space where one can enjoy nature by a full 360° view is spacious enough to provoke people’s imagination. This will be the perfect playground for children who are in the middle of growing up. In addition, there is a large space under the eaves under the roof deck, which leads a variety of lights to the inside of the building.

“Contrast of two characteristics,” which was derived from the spatiality of the conventional house, and also which generates “Generosity”, as well as “Cross sectional space which softens the strong spatiality of the ground view”, which focuses more on comfort than clarity…. We think these factors can possibly materialize a liberal and deep architecture.


地点 日本
项目建筑师 Takashi Seish
面积 Site 2952.91m2 / building 473.93m2 / total floor 477.97m2
摄影 Satoshi Asakawa




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地点: 日本