Slowpoke Expresso


绿色环保的咖啡店。Anne-Sophie Poirier aka Sasufi 设计,位于澳大利亚。设计师使用了大量从当地家具制造商回收并升级后的木材,并制成了一个独特的12米长的墙壁,这也成为了该咖啡店最醒目的标识。洁白的墙壁使得这些木材要素在空间上更为突出。从墙壁上横出来的小架子上放着糖和盐等各种调料。一个大的空隙被刻意留出来,并插入一个菜单在里面。大多数建筑材料(瓷砖,灯罩,路牌等)均收集自当地的跳蚤市场。桌椅也是由回收的木地板制成的。


Anne-Sophie Poirier is a French born and Melbourne based designer working under the name SASUFI. She has recently completed the interior design and identity for Slowpoke Espresso, a café located in one of Melbourne’s most popular suburb, Fitzroy.

The brief of this project was to imagine an interior that matched the owner’s desire to serve quality food at a slow pace. We needed to create a unique interior that had a homely and warm feel to it while being on a very tight budget. The upcycling of timber off cuts from local furniture makers seemed like an efficient solution to achieve this. By gathering these off cuts from different places, the result was a variety in timber species and sizes that once compiled together created a unique 12 metre long feature wall that gives Slowpoke it’s identity.

The clean white walls also give the timber elements more prominence in the space too. Every so often a shelf comes out of the wall to display sugar bowls and salt above the tables. A gap is created to insert a black board for menu display. Most building materials (tiles, lamp shades, street sign etc…) were gathered from local flea markets. The tables are made of recycled timber floors.

The street sign is lite from the inside by a torch lamp that is charged by a connected solar panel sitting on the top of the recycled wooden tool box. The business cards are made from recycled packaging cardboards, hand cut and then stamped.


设计事务所 Sasufi
地点 澳大利亚, 墨尔本
面积 55 m2
摄影 Anne-Sophie Poirier




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