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The new Bar Tomate is the first restaurant of the Tragaluz Group in Madrid design by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. The project is about the rehabilitation of an already existing restaurant, with a collage of materials and textures, which contribute to a recovered, informal, dynamic and natural image.

The original space, with an L-shaped floor plant, had two very distinct areas. The street zone and more luminous was the main dining room, and the other zone, much darker, was use as a bar zone at night. Both zones where very differentiate in aesthetics and use. One of the main ideas of the new project was to unify these two spaces by means of a concrete shelf. This element also introduces a new industrial look, and make available storage space open to the view, energizing the room, and involving the clients in the food preparation process. We start out from our experience in the restaurant Cuines de Santa Caterina, in Barcelona, where the introduction of the storage space open to the view, help create a more relaxed, dynamic and vital look.

Another element used to enhance the activity of the restaurant and create another focus of attention was to build an open kitchen at the end of the space. The cold meals kitchen, the vegetable pantry shelf in the background, and the pizza oven, altogether with the pantry rack, mix internal use space with which the clients enjoy.

The two areas, now transformed in a dining room, share this new interior design, with heterogeneous and recovered cast-off furniture. Tables of old planks, table tops from recovered leather of old machines, chairs of different models of the 50’s, and different pieces of industrial molds, have been used.

The restaurant is accessible through an open lobby that overlooks the street. This space has been enhanced with an iron enclosure (glasshouse type), and natural plants. This altogether with the vegetables display in the background, increase the feeling from within of fresh and garden.

The lighting also helps create this heterogeneous space. All the suspension lamps are different models, some cast-off, others from recycle materials, and some wall lights inspired by Jean Prouvé. The concrete shelf also becomes a large lamp, when using some openings to locate light bulbs in a random way.

The air conditioning and electrical installation are left on the bottom view of a metal acoustic ceiling to enhance this industrial character.


设计事务所 Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
地点 西班牙, 马德里
设计师 Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López
面积 300 m2
摄影 Olga Planas




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地点: 西班牙, 马德里