Jewels Artisan Chocolate at Orchard Central


这是 Nota Design 为 Jewel’s artisan 巧克力设计的一家旗舰店。精心选择的颜色以及饰品似乎能让客户感受到巧克力产品的美味。


Presented with a design brief to create an up-market shop at Orchard Central, Nota Design International Pte Ltd has morphed Jewel’s artisan chocolate‘s flagship shop into one that stimulates visitors’ senses of taste and eyesight as much as their chocolates presented in delicious colors and decorations.


Design brief – To design an up-market chocolate boutique cafe in a shopping mall located at Orchard Road. The brief derived from the name ‘Jewels artisan chocolate’. To offer the experience of viewing and selecting a crafted jewellery (in this case the chocolate) in this new flagship shop.

Design challenges – the requirement of an enclose kitchen together with a chocolate making viewing area set the challenge for spatial planning as the mall management insisted that being an island shop space, the new shop implementation must not block the surrounding shops.The design of the display counters have to be different from the normal counters and have to become a draw in their own rights. The notion of the ‘un-cut gem stones’ were adopted in the design of the display counters.

Design results

The design of the shop have been well received by the client and the shoppers. The careful of material used for the display counters, the walls and the ceiling has created an interesting ensemble that not only embody the concept of crafted jewelleries but also echos the the status (high end image) of the brand.


设计事务所 Nota Design
地点 新加坡
设计师 Danny Goh, Hector Chia, Keat Ong
面积 95 m2




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地点: 新加坡