Giorgia & Johns 专卖店


这是 modostudio 为意大利服装品牌 Giorgia & Johns 的 100 家专卖店所做的室内设计。当代形象,品牌知名度,购物和娱乐,舒适和放松,预算控制是设计的准绳。


Contemporary image, brand recognition, shopping and entertainment, comfort and relax, budget control. These are the design perimeters for the 100 retail stores to be realized across Italy. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the constructed elements in the retail space are designed to promote the recognition and identification of the brand. The materials, colours, and arrangement of the furniture pieces like the beads curtains, the seats, and the display units accommodate the flexibility and functionality necessary for the realization of such large number of retail units.


设计事务所 modostudio
地点 意大利




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 意大利