Temporary Art Centre


estudioOCA 设计的锦州 2013 世界景观艺术展。该馆是一个简单的矩形混凝土结构。从这里,游客可以有不同的视觉体验:一侧花园及水景。大楼的绿色屋顶,温度保证夏季凉爽,冬季温暖。展馆的屋顶绿化是一项重要的功能,将展示环境设计的重要性。展馆可能包含小咖啡馆和相关的服务,允许访问者坐下来放松,享受花园的美景。展馆提供了灵活的空间,允许艺术展品展示和表演,以及其他文化和社会的活动。


An architectural concept of the Art Centre is an answer to a problem undefined location of an object. In this project it is taken a various urban tissues in which appears need of space activation through the activity of cultural institutions.

Structure: modules

In the solution of this issue mentioned above there is used a characteristic feature of a container’s architecture which is a modular structure. Restriction of a repeating dimensions and orthogonal form gives a chance if we take into account a simplicity of space modification built with containers. That’s why an idea of this project is to create a coherent form system, which mutual spatial relations became adjusted every single time to a new location.

Function: division to a blocks

Main functions of the Art Centre finds reflection in formal division. Every single blocks has been designed as: club section, workshop section, exhibition and concert section and living section. Every element of this puzzle stays unchanged despite of whole configuration. In basic version every four elements are strictly connected with each other ; on their roofs appear a mutual part – partly covered terrace. Bigger plots allow free form volumes arrangements and to create an atrium between them.


Basic material used in this project are standard container wall panels. Workshop section got a distinction by entirely glazed wall. In addition there are polycarbonate panels to underline the entrances to building and also lighting the living part and communication.


地点 波兰




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 波兰