Influx_Studio 设计的这个公园项目位于西班牙马德里格兰德园,是一个特别复杂的挑战,其中有几个关键的制约因素,必须寻求一个适合的解决方案来平衡。


The San Francisco el Grande park project in Madrid is a particularly complex challenge where several critical constraints have to be merged in a balanced solution. The intricate topography, the need for public and private construction in a highly historical place and the various and incompatible claims of different actors (the city, the church, the land owner and citizens) are just some of ingredients of this project. The different positions and needs claimed by the various groups of actors who participate in shaping such a strategic and emblematic site as this seams to reach a breaking point: the Capital had to choose between building an ambitious program of public and private equipments and facilities, or as claimed by the neighbors, to build an urban park, both undoubtedly necessary for urban life in downtown Madrid. The answer has to keep in mind that the intervention is meant to complete the unfinished urban tissue of a central and most exceptional historical fabric.

Our approach, aware of the powerful potentials of the site, stands as an alternative answer to the incapability of the urban regulation (The Urban plan of the Cornisa ) to find a common field of coexistence for the needs and aspirations of public and private spheres at both an urban and architectural level. The MADRhybrID project develops a special strategy of intervention called symbiotic hybridization, deeply inspired from the biological field. The synergy between these two concepts defines a new way of approach urban program; moreover, it appears as a real answer to reach higher densities in urban environments, dealing with formal and legal constraints of the soil occupation.

Supported by three mains strategies: the design of landscape-building, the creation of a capillary network of new links and the study of future interaction among the programs to optimize associations of the facilities and their symbiosis, the symbiotic hybridization shall melt the boundaries between architecture and landscape, and between public and private space. Reducing the impact of the 30.000 sqm in the park and enhancing the presence of several elements of the highest historical value which have been, and should hopefully continue to be, defining the image and identity of Madrid.

We aim to complete the unfinished piece of fabric by a radical process which understands urban spaces in a tridimensional way. This strategy will redefine the meeting points of interior and exterior spaces in order to answer to the need of a morphological integration of the park into the city. We suggest the redefinition of the initial program injecting new functions to the park. The hybridization and synergy by means of combining new activities and urban practices.


设计事务所 Influx_Studio
地点 西班牙
设计师 Mario Caceres & Christian Canonico
面积 30,000 m2




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目录: 景观, 公共空间
地点: 西班牙