ISE 珠宝店


这是 HEAD 为香港老牌珠宝商 ISE Jewellery 设计的新店面。设计风格即保留了传统的服务柜台,又融入了现代元素。两个精心设计的男女模特被用来展示最时尚的单件珠宝产品。


ISE Jewellery was an existing family business that approached HEAD for a re-branding exercise and move of location within the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. The traditional serve over counter style was retained but the rest of the store was modernised. By developing the existing logo into a repeat element, this simple effect was then used on double sided glass throughout the store. The exterior of the store was treated with strong matching grooved glass and one-off male and female mannequins were designed for the show window to specifically showcase individual pieces of Jewellery.


设计事务所 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited
地点 香港
设计师 Mike Atkin, Mark Panckhurst, Robert Weller
摄影 Graham Uden




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地点: 香港