HEAD Architecture and Design Limited 设计的这个美食广场坐落于铜锣湾的时尚区 Lee Garden 的地下一层。能够享受到明媚阳光的中间大厅被充分利用,从而照亮了整个空间。依托五个结构柱精心设计的五个小柜台,创建了五个等距的空间。


This 15,000 square feet foodhall is situated in the basement of Causeway Bay’s high end Lee Garden fashion district, the design fully utilising the dramatic impact of a five storey sunlit atrium to illuminate the central part of the new store. This is given over to five individually designed concession ‘pods’, that are located in front of five equally spaced structural columns.

The rest of the store has been carefully planned to create a flowing but logical shopping experience in calm neutral colours, with an additional ‘food street’ offering a variety of international lunchtime meals.


设计事务所 HEAD Architecture and Design Limited
地点 香港
设计师 Mike Atkin, Mark Panckhurst, Robert Weller
摄影 Graham Uden




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 香港