Elche’s Restaurant and viewerpoint


GilBartolome ADW 设计的这个建筑位于西班牙的埃尔切棕榈林中,就像是一个有生命力的有机体,一道亮丽的城市风景线。这个项目一个主要的特征是它的独特的升降电梯,游客可以在不同的高度欣赏风景。整个建筑从功能上分散在4个级别中。位于地下的第一级是多功能温室房间;第二级则是办公室和管理服务;第三级是餐厅,第四级则是露台。


Elche’s urban palm forest could be described as a large living and latent organism. The vast landscape of palms organized in quarters performs their dance with the wind and the sun through the day, and continue to grow in height year after year. Visitors to the city feel they are confronted with a landscape that suggests respect and admiration as dialogues with the urban artificial fabric.

But if seen from above the vision of the palm forest below you becomes a memorable experience such as the Iguazú waterfalls or the city of “Río de Janeiro”  as it is displayed from the Corcovado.

From a height 28 m and above: you can reach virtually the entire palm forest bordered by the urban masses of buildings. Palms bathed in the sunglitter against a background of shades.

At night, the landscape is completely transformed and the palm forest becomes the background of illuminated streets. During the fireworks festivities we can feel the landscape pulsating as a living entity.

The building viewpoint:

- The panoramic lifts:

The principal commitment of the building view point is to raise the visitors so they can see the palms from above.

There are various heights from wich to experience the palm and several related functions.

The higher (28,15m) is achieved by panoramic hydraulic lifts that allow to see in all directions.

Upon entering the building the first thing one encounters is the input to these lifts that make a “stroll to the heights”.

The action of the acceleration output and braking to a first set +28,15m makes a firstand exciting impresion of the landscape of palm groves.

The cab stops for a few seconds in this height and falls to the various rooms.

The building has a staircase fire that reaches the third level and communicates with an outside staircase that accesses the last level.

-Main directions and guidance parts of the building.

The building is organized around these 6 views main. The different rooms are oriented their holes to them. The restaurant bar aims to north to avoid a excessive heat stroke.

-The functional program.

The building has several levels of use.

First level (-2.6m)

Greenhouse-multipurpose room (space conditioning)

Recessed outdoor terrace (outer space)

The space conditioning can be used to perform

temporary exhibitions, for official

and surrounded by the city council acts

palms. Is connected with bathrooms and bar

located on level 2, which would service from outside

(summer) or the restaurant and bar on level 3 (winter).

Second level (+0.20 m)

Access to elevators and office management and services

Store palms (horizontal size)

Terrace bar and toilets (horizontal size)

From this level you access the elevators or accessed

the adjacent office management. There are a number of  spaces in the horizontal volume that serve abroad: shop young palms (at 25 euros

unit) and a bar with toilets that provides services to terraces.

Third level (+15.90 m)

Restaurant-Bar “Cuisine date palm” with terraces

Kitchen, toilets, service areas.

Terrace level rise and fall.

The two restaurant terraces are oriented to north

to avoid excessive sunlight. The gastronomy of the date

can be very attractive from a tourist point of view.

Fourth level (+20.50 m)


From the terrace you can see all the palm from Elche. There are some hidden skylights to see also inside the large space under it.


设计事务所 GilBartolome ADW
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Pablo Gil & Jaime Bartolomé
效果图 Courtesy of GilBartolome ADW




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地点: 西班牙