MA:CO 住宅


黑白分明的住宅。这是 COMOGLIO ARCHITETTI 为都灵的一所公寓所做的翻修与室内设计,设计的主题是黑色与白色,光泽度与不透明度的关系。厨房被设计为与大客厅连为一体,大玻璃窗用来过滤反射到白色墙上的日光,新的面纱降低了天花板的高度使得不同的灯光照明各有别致。


The project is the renovation and the interior design of the apartment on the third floor in a house located in Turin. This is the synthesis of a short path of research developed in these years on the construction of white and minimal space.

Main theme is the relationship between white and black, gloss and opacity.

The large living room includes the kitchen as a choice for any act of communion “the cook” which becomes the main scene in the daily life of the area daily.

The large glass windows filter the light that is reflected on the white walls and the furnishings multiplying his strength and contrasting dark wengé floor.

The lowering of the ceiling through new veils connote the different areas of living room (the entrance, kitchen, dining room, the recreation area) and characterize the different types of artificial lighting. The furnishings of the entire apartment has been designed and built with local craftsman involved in the research and experimentation, an example is the opening mechanism controlled by the kitchen wall, which becomes a game show at the same time.


地点 意大利, 都灵
设计师 Giorgio Comoglio
摄影 Beppe Giardino




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目录: 室内, 住宅
地点: 意大利, 都灵