Kindergarten S.M.Goretti




The renovation project for the insertion of two sections at Santa Maria Goretti kindergarten, in a building located in the western outskirts in Turin, extends a qualified service that the Santa Maria Goretti parish provides for over thirty years to the families living in the neighborhood. The sections guarantee a supplementary service to the existing kindergarten situated on the ground floor.

The project development regarded functional spaces to accomodate a maximum of 20 children, with an entrance hall to host the lockers, an office, two classrooms for living and learning activities, a room for free activities and rest, adequate spaces for toilets.

Intervention creates a pleasant atmosphere in the inner space: a filter with the representation in essential forms of the Holy Family welcome us at the entrance. Hence a corridor with curved walls leads us to other rooms. The sinuous walls of the hallway, as well as avoiding sharp edges risk for the children, generate various visual effects depending on the light they absorb.

A wall of the corridor is decorated with a painting of the firmament, with rotating spheres, collected by thin wires, like in a celestial labyrinth. Spheres of different sizes, with huge lenght cilia, seem to enlarge and bloom the starry sky. The ceiling covered with plasterboard shows a continuous slit with built-in lighting, that produces with glass windows on the walls a sensation of fluidity and continuity in the ambiences. At the end of the corridor there are two rooms as living area for children. In these rooms the exterior glazing walls establish a link between the space and the garden of the school. The inner ambiences are completed with a series of furniture elements designed and produced with local craftsmen. Radiators are hidden by elegant wooden panels. In the classrooms the lighting built-in elements, with a linear form, mark the ceiling with a fine abstract drawing.


地点 意大利, 都灵
设计师 Giorgio Comoglio
摄影 Beppe Giardino




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目录: 室内, 教育
地点: 意大利, 都灵