Pushkinskiy 电影院


Pushkinskiy 电影院。这是由 za bor architects 刚刚完成的 Pushkinskiy 电影院的设计竞赛作品。夸张的几何线条勾勒出一个颇具现代艺术风格的建筑。建筑外墙是金属结构,并大量运用了玻璃材料。造型新颖、别致的建筑,一定会给参加莫斯科国际电影节的人们留下深刻的印象。


za bor architects participated in the «Changing the face» competition, which was run in Moscow this year and challenged to redesign the façade of the Pushkinskiy Cinema, which is famous far beyond Russia  as the home of the Moscow International Film Festival.

The main idea of the offered solution is transformation of Pushkinskiy cinema with preservation of its original historical volume. Modern expressive elements ‘sprout’ through the semicentennial structure, symbolically connecting the old and the new by means of the shape and materials.

Such interpretation turns the cinema from an ordinary architectural object into a real place of interest ― a bright communicative dominant which evidences by its effective non-trivial appearance that inside a modern eyeful ― the product of the new generation of digital technologies ― is awaiting cinema connoisseurs.

In the project the original building’s facades and galleries are blanketed with a metal structure covered with white polymer Corian specially designed for facades. Thin slots are glazed with transparent material SentryGlas. From the side of the main facade the whole structure is supported with openwork treelike pillars.

The project was named «the Ants» as from afar one can see on the light volume of the membrane an interesting optical effect of the slots’ movement which reminds of running ants.


设计事务所 za bor architects
地点 俄罗斯, 莫斯科
项目建筑师 za bor architects




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地点: 俄罗斯, 莫斯科