Red Town 办公室


这是来自上海的设计事务所 Taranta creations 为自己设计的工作室。该工作室原是一个五金厂,中间有一个漏斗状的钢结构。设计的挑战在于钢结构的上表面距离天花板太低,无法形成一个传统的办公空间。设计师别出心裁的在这个钢结构中加了一层地板,从而产生了一个别致的办公空间。


Shanghai based practice Taranta Creations has designed their own studio located in Shanghai, China.

The design is a reflection of the ongoing creative process within the studio. The intervention seeks to provide an adaptable space that supports a range of informal functions.

The office is situated in a former metal factory. The excising diagonal steel structure was causing difficulties to fulfill the wish of the studio to create two floors. The distance between the structure and ceiling was too less for a traditional office layout of floor and tables. Therefore a floor is created just above the steel structure. Four working stations are placed in the space between the steel profiles. This way the floor is transformed to one continuous desk, while the four recessed stations provide a more traditional workspace. The large ‘work floor’ invites the designers to use the open space for thinking, sketching, meeting, drafting, modeling, sitting and relaxing. This informal interpretation of office space encourages cross-pollination between the different projects and disciplines occurring within the studio.

On the lower floor the individual workstations are placed along the window. A green sculptural table can be used for communal activities. Informal and contoured, the central staircase is reminiscent of a large droplet of water ready to fall from the ceiling. Upon entering the stairway, a highly saturated environment of bright red engulfs and surrounds the individual, starkly marking the transition between the contrasting office areas. The color is repeated on the second floor as an accent to highlight the recessed work areas.


设计事务所 taranta creations
地点 中国, 上海
设计团队 Enrico Taranta, Giorgio Radojkovic, Juriaan Calis
摄影 taranta creations




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