Mizoe House


SEISHO TAKASHI ARCHITECT’ STUDIO 设计的这个房子位于风景优美的北海道。项目的挑战来自于客户的两个需求:一是边界模糊的空间,二是能够抵抗冬季寒冷的天气。设计师选择用”骰子形状”作为建筑的总体结构,以便于安排房间;同时运用”扭曲”的方法以使得内部空间显得宽敞。


* Case and Request

The site is in the suburb of Hakodate city, Hokkaido, with idyllic remnant of farms and fields. The client family consists of the parents with two children. The most challenging points of their request were “space with fuzzy boundaries” and “cold weather resistant structure”.

* Method

In order to bring those two themes of their challenging request to realization with low budget, “Dice-shaped Structure”, in which a group of rooms can be arranged effectively, was adopted for the underlying concept. Secondly, in order to utilize the site effectively with “Dice-shaped Structure” and to give its interior space a spacious impression, “twisting” method has been featured.

* Advantage of “Twisting” method

Its primal effect is to eliminate the blind gap with the neighboring houses. It helps the house and site take surrounding fields, streets and yards into themselves, which consequently creates the urban extensity. Secondly twisting method can deflect the sight of the inhabitants and neighbors one another. The urbanized manner is achieved in a simple way. And then thirdly, it can handle the landscapes in a comfortable manner. The part facing the neighboring houses features triangle walls and windows, leading eye direction upward to vast sky, while the part with scenic view provides landscape directly through the slit window. Lastly, it can also connect spaces without definite boundary. The inner core is left out of the twist effect of the exterior structure, which creates tridimensional constriction in the void as a result. Those constrictions connect spaces one another consecutively and yet ensuring each space’s independence.

* Postscript

The inner void of “Twist” structure has a “movement” of space and light which is unperceivable in the photo. I would like as many people as possible to experience it physically.


地点 日本
项目建筑师 Takashi Seisho, Akinari Tanaka, Kenji Nawa
面积 Site 231.40m2 / building 92.05m2 / total floor 139.01m2
摄影 Hiroshi Ueda, Takashi Seisho




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本