这是 SEISHO TAKASHI ARCHITECT’ STUDIO 设计的一个房子。项目始于客户自己设计的一个宽敞的院子。一致性与多样化的调和是设计师着力解决的问题。一楼客厅使用了不同的灯光和材料一直连接到前院,从而产生一种室内室外一致的错觉;二楼是卧室,外墙覆盖的特殊石材与前院相映成趣。


* Yard to House

This was a rebuilding project of a house that features a commodious front yard, another plot of its neighboring residence, covered with stone plates on the south. Prior to it, the owner had spent nearly one year to redesign the yard with an exterior designer and requested a house that suits for the yard.

* Floating volume

In order to put the continuity and contrast of the house and the front yard into practice, the grouped bedrooms had been set on the second floor, as if floating and separated from the yard. The “floating” section of the house, also covered with stone tiles makes a nice contrast with the front yard. On the ground floor, right under the “floating” volume, boasts an ample living space connected to the front yard with various lights and materials come in through, giving the void a perceptual illusion of both interior and exterior.

* Various interferences

To deal with various objects coming into the living space, all kinds of contrasts are produced for the materials, scale, light and view, etc. by leaving all those elements unsifted so that they coexist in harmony. Contrast creates interference and interference creates compound and neutral quality. The space free from arbitrariness and filled with neutral quality suggests a tolerant comfort with soothing calm.

* Consistency and diverseness

This house stands on the various contrasts and interferences derived by locating a volume of rooms in the air, and features a tolerant architecture where consistency and diverseness coexist.


地点 日本
项目建筑师 Takashi Seisho
面积 Site 449.44m2 / building 119.60m2 / total floor 210.65m2
摄影 Satoshi Asakawa




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本