2G 住宅


我有一所房子,面朝大海,春暖花开。Olivier Bourgeois architect 为一对退休夫妇设计的房子,位于魁北克。项目的设计体现了主人的简约以及对大自然与文化景观的尊重。


This small cottage is design for a retired couple, a seaside retreat house facing the infinite horizon. It’s located in ?les de la Madeleine, Quebec, a little archipelago of colourful houses and endless dunes in the gulf of St-Lawrence. This small and fragile paradise holds a year-round community and has become a summer destination.

The main challenge was to design a contemporary home that responds to clients needs but also respect the local vernacular architecture. The geometry is quite simple and easy to build. Each rooms and openings are positioned responding to the site. The great fenestration allows the observation of changing light on the sea. The house is also design with local construction techniques and covered with cedar shingles to resist to all year around storms. The clients wanted a house similar to those you can see all around but who is definitely more actual. The color refers to natural cedar turning to grey over the years. The wooden windows under the sun may look like the orange sandstone cliffs that are surrounding the island. The mezzanine is probably the most architectural space of the project. It’s open on the wide dining room under and surrounded by the wooden ceiling. The ground floor is treated like a beach changing cabin. The large family and friends will use the space like an open house during summer beach activities. In continuity with the interior’s function, you can see a vertical wooden mesh on the exterior that contrasts with the simplicity of the traditional form.

The project gains his power by his simplicity and the respectful dialogue with the natural and cultural landscape. It’s inspired by local fishermen’s architecture and other traditions but tends to bring some modernity in a conservative environment.


设计事务所 Olivier Bourgeois architect
地点 加拿大
项目建筑师 Olivier Bourgeois
摄影 Olivier Bourgeois, Jean-Pierre Goyer




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 加拿大