Promenade 住宅


Josep Miàs + Partners | MiAS ARCHITECTS 设计的这个住宅位于一块崎岖不平的地块上。项目的设计始于划定项目的所有表面,用线条来识别地块独有的特性。最终的方案是建筑沿着地形扩展,并以传统的方式将所有的空间聚集起来。


The construction is organized trying to be topographi¬cally spread in the parcel. We started delineating all surfaces of the project, from the street to the inferior edge of the lot, from a corner to the other, following its contours, and trying to con¬tain this topography. With lines that try to recognize the lot and reveal its qualities. First containment walls and spaces between these begin to appear. Those lines will be defining space-volumes that will occupy a part of the excavated space or the air space giving the back to the street and closing other more private spaces that look at the landscape.

The program is organized in a traditional way by the aggregation of spaces-volumes. The main volume, that all the family will share, it is in the central point. It organizes shared spaces like the kitchen, the dining room and the living room and upstairs, the library and the studio, spaces in relation with distant landscape trough horizontal windows.

With some complexity, the walls, the construction lines, organize the adjacent spaces-volumes: the depressed parking and over that, the space of one of the child’s space; the parents night space, with his bedroom and the guests bedroom; and in an intermediate level, isolated from the rest of the construction, the daughter’s space, semi buried in the lot and with the windows at the same level of the pool’s water.


设计事务所 Josep Miàs + Partners | MiAS ARCHITECTS
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Josep Miàs, Horacio Arias (project leader)
面积 500 m2
摄影 Adrià Goula




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙