Marina 2


这是 GIOVANNI VACCARINI architetto 设计的一个四十多层约两万平米的住宅楼,位于迪拜。项目的灵感来自于沙漠里的一种名为”沙漠玫瑰”的特殊矿石,红色的外表使得建筑在夕阳下熠熠生辉。布局上一至三层是公共设施,其它为住宅,最顶层是观光露台。


The project is thought for the Jumeirah Dubai area.

It is  a residential tower of forty-two out of land floors with a development of about  two thousand square meters.

The theme is that to draw a building with an important encumbrance in plant guaranteeing a multiplicity of leans out and points of view that guarantee to every residence the leans out  of every housing environments. Such objective can be  reached with sufficiently narrow bodies and with diversified orientations.

The idea is that to think a plant divided in four bodies directed toward the preferential points of view; a sort of metaphor of the “rose of the desert.” The “petals” of the “rose of the desert”  are constituted by a wrap in stone “of sand” with inserts in glass and the cuts for leans out.

The red reflexes of the external covering enter in resonance with the lights of the sunset. In the buried plans we can find the garages and the principal implant equipments. In the first three floors out of land  there are  the hall and a series of  facilities:  gym, kindergarten, playing area, cafe, aesthetical centre, etc.The other out of land thirty-nine floors  are the residences and the common spaces. Between the thirty-nine and the forty-two floor there are the penthouses.


设计事务所 GIOVANNI VACCARINI architetto
地点 阿拉伯联合酋长国
项目建筑师 Giovanni Vaccarini




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 阿联酋