anónimo 办公室


这是 DPG arquitectos 为广告公司 Anonimo 设计的办公室,房子原来是墨西哥的一个旧的住所。室内装饰仿西班牙风格,倾斜的屋顶,红瓦,花环,磨砂和彩色玻璃,浅色家具,一个巨大的螺旋楼梯,入口大厅的吊灯。屋顶的花园被打造成开放的休闲场所。


The typical house found in las Lomas, in which Californian and Spanish style domains ( as it was originally called) erupts into chaos on Mexico City current modern view, that projects a space for the creation of ideas: Advertising Agency “ Anonimo”

The design for the firm Anónimo responded to the need to adapt an old Mexico City home to the complexity and programmatic dynamism of a youthful advertising agency. A project priority was to respect the inherent integrity and characteristic features of the existing structure without sacrificing the spatial needs for the agency’s efficient operation.

The ornamental details in the window and door frames, sloped roofs, red tiles, trims and rosettes in the interiors, created a difficult task mixing modern materials and furniture, and that was one of the challenge, and at the same time the design concept: playing with the contrast of materials, colors and details that far from belittling either, the idea was to complement and enhance its virtues and characteristics of the materials that were used. To accomplish this, the original construction was transformed to a white canvas in order to magnify the existing elements and the new ones. Walls and white floor in their entirety gave us the idea to play with natural, frosted and color glass, light colored furniture, a monumental spiral staircase, and a Chandelier lamp in the entrance hall that remotes us to the original time of the space.

The idea in the other hand, was trying not to affect in any way the original construction even though new materials were going to be used, in which all the new materials should be floated or apparent. To achieve this we proposed floated white wooden logs as floor, apparent glass supports made of stainless steel. The furniture and also the lamps helped us to accomplish a new character to the area without damaging it at all.

On the top floor a secretarial support area was proposed, with a cube like shape made of a hard plastic called Corian, the element breaks completely, being the only unique element in that area. The white walls and doors having a dark frame, gives us a sense if invitation to each of the rooms.

A roof garden on the roof crowns the project- the idea of the project gave a us a start on creating open recreation spaces, taking for advantage of the roof and giving the practical use of the space using wooden deck, common furniture that makes this terrace a practical useful space to work on.

The result is an environment in which the simultaneous handling of seemingly antagonistic elements generates a spatial experience where the old and the new coexist harmoniously and with mutual respect. As the new elements form a sort of canvas or backdrop that allows the original architecture to express itself with greater force and clarity, smooth surfaces and clear colors were chosen to contrast markedly with the strong decorative statement made by the existing elements.

In terms of construction, all the home’s original elements were painstakingly restored under the strict supervision of the National Institute of Fine Arts, while the new ones were meticulously incorporated and installed so as not to harm the existing structure. Thanks to this approach, the house can return to its original state without major complications or harmful consequences.


设计事务所 DPG arquitectos
地点 墨西哥, 墨西哥城
设计师 Daniel Pérez-Gil de Hoyos
面积 540 m2
摄影 Hector Armando Herrera




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