design spirits 设计的这家名为 Teeq 的餐厅位于马来西亚一个购物中心的顶层,透过巨大的玻璃窗,食客可以观赏吉隆坡的景色。设计师将设计的重点放在了天花板的设计上,铁丝上悬挂的精心修饰的木板以及连接的 LED 灯形成了一种波浪般的效应,从而给顾客留下深刻的印象。


This restaurant, Teeq, was planned in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, at the 8th floor roof parking space of the existing shopping center named as lot 10 which greets the 20th anniversary. I felt fortunate as I was able to participate and design for the master plan which included a club, theater, restaurant and the place of the courtyard.

I chose the location to match with the scenery even that would not be the great scenery for the view.  By the result, I concentrated more at the ceiling design because that was the only part that not surrounded by the restaurant with the glass keeping scenery.

Nevertheless, the ceiling design that I aimed was praised by lot of visitors where being without either disturbance, beautiful or too showy. However, the execution was repeated from trial due to various errors occurred as I wanted to make it an impressive entrance welcomes guests to an avant-garde decoration with undulating waves of wooden ribs encircling the ceiling.  I think it has taken me around 2 months for the trial manufacture.  After all, I hung the strip of the wood board with wire directly and attached the LED to the board and irradiated LED take the base right.


设计事务所 design spirits
地点 马来西亚, 吉隆坡
设计师 Yuhkichi Kawai
面积 555 m2
摄影 Zainudin Ashard




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