这是 design spirits 为一个俱乐部所做的室内设计,位于吉隆坡。项目包括了俱乐部、剧院、餐厅以及一个庭院。项目的原型来自俄罗斯的一个宫殿,设计师在取得授权后,以拍摄的照片为素材,经过修改完成了这样一个中世纪宫殿风格、同时又能体现东西方文化的设计。


This club lounge, Rootz, was planned in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the roof parking space of the existing shopping center named Lot 10 which greets the 20th anniversary. I felt fortunate as I was able to participate and design for the master plan which included a club, theater, restaurant and the place of the courtyard. It has taken a year and six months to me from planning to the completion and further reinforces the structure.

I resembled the rooftop of the Lot 10 shopping centre and making a club lounge as I thought vaguely of different region of people mingled around and dance together in the grand hall of the palace, because there was the certain figure from the old days whether people from the east or west could dance together.

The plan was adopted soon, so I negotiated patiently with the different palaces in various countries and took permission for the copyright from the Russian palace and finally the photograph was taken by a photographer from Japan together with me. We edited it and printed it on form to fit a new skeleton as wallpaper. Thus, we printed it on an organza and hung it in front of the wallpaper to make double layers and represented a ghost phenomenon. I wanted to settle it for palace with rigid material but I did not because I considered that it should be redecorated easily like re-paper the wallpaper from the business face which is said to be short cycle club.

I edited it instead of restoring the palace of the middle ages exactly and not to become too artificial so that the dimensions will only encountered accurately. Then, I had a thought across my mind to create a bright illuminated club to against the typical dark black club because I preferred the design to be seemed under. In the case of this project, it was rare that my first idea and the negotiations of the copyright were going to be main of my work, and that is what I called “design”.

Even if it is a bright club lounge, this club is absolutely accepted by the youth. I feel so relief after knowing that the record explosive sales, drinks sold out, and 200 people whom not be able to enter and waited patiently for their turn in the courtyard.


设计事务所 design spirits
地点 马来西亚, 吉隆坡
设计师 Yuhkichi Kawai
面积 652 m2
摄影 Toshihide Kajiwara, Zainudin Ashard




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