这是 design spirits 为一个美食广场所做的装修设计,广场位于吉隆坡一个购物中心的地下一层。吸引更多顾客前来就餐,并让他们产生怀旧的感觉是设计的首要目标。设计师建立了一个看似混乱的”街道”,摊位仿佛被置于纵横交错的胡同内,顾客即感到温馨,也有一种复古的感觉。


The project involves redecoration of a food court located in the basement of a shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 6 months prior to this I completed the refurbishment of the rooftop at the same shopping center to include a garden, club, restaurant, theater and fitness center. Having redesigned the rooftop and the basement which are two major spaces we are setting the direction and feel of the shopping center in a bid to draw people into the shopping center.

As I have designed for the food court name “FOOD LOuVER” this project in Jakarta, Indonesia before and it leads me more experience of designing food court and the flow of human traffic. Of course, one of the main objectives of the redecoration was to draw more customers to the food court.

I aimed to create the environment of a “street” and “area” controlled by invisible chaos that is at the same time nostalgic. However the space was somewhat futuristic with round exposed air ducts on the ceiling to give the space a retro-future ambiance.

The stalls were arranged in an intricate labyrinth like layout. This creates an environment for more intimate interaction between the tenants and their customers. My design anticipates that there could sometime be changes in the tenant and hence the requirements of the space which is why the design is flexible enough to suit any type of food outlet. This is achieved by using obstruct patterns on the floor, ceiling and walls. With this flexible design there is no need for major renovation works when there is a change of tenants and definitely no need to close down the entire section.

In order to shorten the construction process I avoided the use of natural material. To soften the feel I incorporated transcribed patterns based on mathematical rules (Fibonacci & Fractal) on the walls and glass surfaces. Even then I still had reservations and felt the space and ambiance felt cold.

To make the space more nostalgic I scattered the space with antique signboards, displays and hand dyed designs that bring out the feeling of nostalgia. I am still continually adding antique items to add to the nostalgic feel.

The plan has been a success. The client too had contributed with their passion and determination to bring sometimes stubborn food stall owners to offer customers delicious and affordable everyday food. Proof of this success can be observed especially on weekend when it is so crowded customers have to sit on the stairways.


设计事务所 design spirits
地点 马来西亚, 吉隆坡
设计师 Yuhkichi Kawai
面积 Floor 1,980 m2
摄影 Toshihide Kajiwara




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