Shang Palace & Li Bai Lounge


这是 AB Concept 设计的又一力作:李白居。设计师利用图形和图案、面料和质地的对比,创造出梦幻般的深紫色水彩色调的室内空间。空间内首先映入眼帘的是餐厅入口处的雕 塑,再次是由地毯、天花浮雕、壁纸装点得餐厅内空间。青铜的面板、丝绸制的灯笼、珍珠光泽的油漆、仿古的面板条纹,打造了一个充满东方艺术气派的尊贵堂皇 的空间。天花板以金属加以装饰,增加光亮,营造温馨的氛围,仿古木和琥珀色的纺织品是冷色调空间上亮的点。家具集中安放在窗旁,柔软舒适的躺椅,线条优美,与古朴的古铜色桌子形成强烈对比。


A light, regal tone has been set in this series of fine dining spaces. AB Concept chose the popular ‘celestial cloud’ graphic motif to anchor a landscape of contrasting textures and dreamy watercolour fabric shades.

The motif appears first and most memorably behind the maitre d’ as a deep sculptural alcove, with its layers lit strikingly from inside, however it reappears in carpeting, ceiling reliefs and upholstery throughout the restaurant. The materials were selected for a sense of traditional elegance, among them brass accents, pearlescent paint finishes and lanterns in delicate silk. In the private dining spaces ‘precious’ themes -  of pearl, jade and the celestial cloud – inform the design schemes; the latter is reserved for the state room, which opens out to its own patio. In the transitional Peony Vestibule the studio has created another striking impression with a large skylight, where the wooden petal-shaped panels of a ceiling installation soften and diffuse the light.

The adjacent bar and lounge was designed with romantic High Tang poet Li Bai in mind, and it blends the sophistication of a members’ club with a note of scholarly gravity. Working from the wedge-like shape of the room plan, AB Concept based the design loosely on a traditional Chinese scholar’s pavilion and layered it with a soft symmetry. This is achieved architecturally with an arrangement of pinewood panels in layers along the ceiling; distressed by hand for a textured effect and lit from behind, the panels follow the curve of the room and are echoed below by the step and grain of the travetine flooring.

The cool grey palette is brightened and warmed by distressed woods and amber accented textiles while soft inviting seating serves sturdy bronze table tops. There is a strong residential vibe here: console tables and lacquered screens stand sentry and lighting is provided by decorative lamps with oriental design motifs.

Though large windows give the lounge an airy disposition by day, in the evening its character changes, aided by softer lighting, live music and an innovative display behind the bar that allows the art work to be rotated and replaced by an array of bottles.


设计事务所 AB Concept
地点 台湾
设计师 AB Concept
摄影 Chester Ong




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