Maison de L’Hui


这是 AB Concept 完成的一个餐厅的设计,位于上海外滩。现代、感性、以及老上海的味道是设计师为这个餐厅精心打造的风格。紫灰色的色调,万花筒般的镜子,仿古风格的家具,手工簇绒地毯,大厅里的超大宴会椅,类似于个人图书馆的包间,使得整个空间即充满了神秘感,也不失舒适感。


Modern and sensual yet infused with the flavor of old Shanghai, this three storey restaurant on the Bund’s Pier 16 was tailored to its owner and her strong cosmopolitan spirit. While balancing a sense of refinement and home-style warmth, the narrative takes guests from a glossy promenade, through a grand conservatory and upwards, where private dining rooms border a patio and deck with knockout views across the river.

Each of its transitional spaces is weighted with expectation, whether the lower-floor promenade in its dark lacquer and marble or the upstairs galleries set with kaleidoscopic fragments of mirror. Deepening the sense of mystery and comfort is an intimate purple-grey palette and a range of custom designed antique-inspired furniture; hand tufted carpets and oversized banquet seating appear in the main hall while private dining rooms have been arranged to resemble small personal libraries. AB Concept reinforced the spirit of the place with a newly designed motif, softly geometrical and lightly feminine, which was inspired by turn-of-the-Century Shanghai textiles.


设计事务所 AB Concept
地点 中国, 上海
设计师 AB Concept
面积 1,000 m2
摄影 AB Concept




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Maison de L'Hui, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
地点: 中国, 上海