Yandex 办公室


这是 za bor 为 Yandex 在莫斯科的办公室所完成的室内设计。布局上,设计师保留了建筑原有的框架,不同的房间沿着走廊串了起来。透明的玻璃内墙使整个空间变得柔和,橙色涂料的使用则为黑白灰的整体风格增添了一丝明快。


Yandex is the biggest and most popular internet service and company in Russia and Russian-speaking countries. The Yandex office in Moscow is the 2nd office by za bor architects designed for this company. The office occupies all seven floors in one of two wings in the new business center ‘Krasnaya Roza’ (Red Rose) in Moscow. The wing is close to rectangle in section and consequently the office space is concentrated around the technical core with riser pipes. It preconditioned the necessity to create sanitary facilities and other premises that demand water use – such as kitchens and coffee points – around them.

The original columns and work frames have been preserved. At the client’s request, the za bor architects used a layout with individual rooms strung along the corridors. To soften the impression, the role of internal walls is played by a glazed partition. Translucent orange coating has been used to add bright colour to the gray and white interior. The ceilings have been visually made higher in the corridor, and the communications there have been painted in deep gray colour, while in the work areas for additional sound insulation there have been used ceilings from Ecophon – sound absorbing material, which is usually used in cinema interiors.

Internet wiring and electrical cables were made on the raised floor. As the flooring has been chosen to carpet tile, which allows you quickly access any point in the hidden under-floor communications.

Dynamic volumes and expressive furniture are the za bor architects’ signature style; they successfully convey the concept of a prompt exponential ‘Yandex’ development. Since ‘Yandex’ offices are known for their informal attitude to working process and since they work round the clock, besides large and small conference halls and traditional general working zones the project provided for a sports hall, a kitchen, coffee points etc.


设计事务所 za bor architects
地点 俄罗斯
设计团队 Arseniy Borisenko & Peter Zaytsev
面积 7,000 m2
摄影 Peter Zaytsev




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地点: 俄罗斯