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这是 za bor architects 为俄罗斯的一家传媒集团的办公室所做的室内设计。设计的挑战主要来自于出版行业的特殊性。在空间的安排上,设计师将所有开放的办公室安排在走廊的一边,而私密性的个人工作区域放在了另一边。不同的颜色被选择用来区分不同的功能设施。


Besides a few popular publications such as, for example, “Hello”, Forward Media Group produces the largest and the most popular in Russia and Russian-speaking countries group of magazines on interior design, including the main edition ‘Interior+design’ and specialized periodical ‘100% Office’, ‘100% Bathrooms’, ‘100% Kitchens’ and so on. za bor architects was chosen among several thousands of architects working with magazines for designing their own office.

Office space was destined to be quite complex – it was a huge loft of 4000 sq.m., greatly elongated and located in the mansard level of a new business center. The situation was made worse by the specificity of the publishing house – the necessity of a few editorial offices with open spaces connected with commercial and retail departments, separate offices for directors and editors-in-chief with a conference corner, conference halls, archive with library, storage rooms etc. All of these facilities were placed along the corridor going through the whole room. Eventually, open spaces offices were concentrated on the one side, and the cabinet was mainly located on the other side of the corridor.

Communication points were supposed to be transparent and not to be vanished in a homogeneous office. As a result, the elevator lobby with stones, bright receptions, and meeting rooms were emphasized; a yellow complex construction hides the entrances to the toilets; archive were marked by the black floral pattern. The same concern is the specific build-in furniture designated by za bor architects for the visitors. In contrast, operational areas are designed in a neutral gray. Technical communications placed under a ceiling of the mansard level, as well as rafters and baulks were decided not to be hidden, but painted in black, which visually somewhat elevated the ceiling.


设计事务所 za bor architects
地点 俄罗斯




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