这是 SERERO Architectes 设计的一个项目,包含了两个建筑: 图书馆和礼堂,它们位于同一级的中央花园中。礼堂的地板是倾斜式的,遵循了礼堂外的自然景观。大厅底层通过石板路与花园连接。礼堂的屋顶有助于自然采光。礼堂的外墙为幕玻璃墙,安装了可以关闭的电动太阳防尘系统。


Located in the heart of Amiens University, the new library and auditorium constitute a central place for exchanges and meeting around technologies as well as the catalyst of an intense campus social life.

Our project sets the two entities, library and auditorium, at the same level that the central garden of the University. The auditorium floor is sloped and follows the natural landscape of the site. In between these two volumes, the reception hall connects the lower level of the site to the garden by long steps of stone.

We have placed natural lighting in the heart of the library, thanks to sheds on the roof, which are oriented to the North. With this zenithal lighting, we create a space where exchanges and knowledge are multiple and opened to other discipline or culture.

The auditorium is made of white concrete with a strip of curtain glass window on top of the wall that can be shut by motorized sun shields integrated to the space ceiling.

The library is conceived as a platform, with a unique intermediate post (10.80 m range). All spaces are planned on a regular grid of 1.80 m x 7.20 m, which organizes all architectural and technical devices (lighting system, ventilation, furniture, facade, etc.) of the library in order to offer a opened and flexible interior space. Therefore, the building manages a gradual transition of spaces from the reception hall, for groups and meetings to more individual spaces of silence and high concentration.


设计事务所 SERERO
地点 法国
项目建筑师 David Serero, Yoichi Ozawa, Ran She, Fabrice Zaini
面积 1,424 m2




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 法国