这个由 Reiulf Ramstad Architects 设计的房子位于一个未开垦的小岛上,俯瞰着不远处的大海与地平线。整个设计的概念是建筑与自然的融合。透明的玻璃幕墙让自然美景从室内的任意角度都能一览无余,特意选择的木料使得建筑逐渐产生出一种灰铜绿色,从而与周围景观融为一体。


The house is beautifully situated on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and the horizon. It is placed in the midst of an uncultivated landscape on a small island.The design of the house allows close interaction with the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery. It engenders a feeling of being outdoors when inside. The use of glass facades and windows allow nature to enter the house from all angles and one can follow the sun as it rises and sets. The small scale of the building, together with the use of wooden materials that will gradually develop a grey patina, allows the project to interact and fit in with the existing shape and natural colours of the surrounding landscape.


设计事务所 Reiulf Ramstad Architects
地点 挪威
项目建筑师 Reiulf D Ramstad, Anders Tjønneland
面积 80 m2
摄影 Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Oslo Norway, Kim Müller, Norway, Robert di Tirani




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地点: 挪威