H ARQUITECTES 设计的这个建筑的三个外立面都采用了同样的设计方案,通过对石材的处理和百叶窗的运用,将建筑物的整体风格统一,这样的设计强化了历史中心区的空寂感。建筑物朴实无华的建造材质和若隐若现的百叶窗,将一种浓郁的生活气息注入到这个古老的建筑环境中来。


Special Plan of plaça of l’església of Granollers tries to recover the paper of the seat in the set of the old helmet of the city.

Our parcel is key in the consolidation of this centralidad, because it occupies the spacethat gives continuity to the Barcelona street and connects with plaça of the Porxada.The three facades are based on a single skin that, by means of the continuous treatment of thestone and the shutters of the openings, unifies the volumetría and consolidates the dominion of the plenary session on the emptiness characteristic of the historical center. The text texture, materiality, inscriptions, the clearings and mobility changing the shutters that appear and disappear emphasize the conditions of skin of the facade that transmits an organic atmosphere and lives.

The only exceptions in this dark treatment and massive uniform will be the ample large windows of the commercial premises in ground floor and the terraces that, dealt with wood, generate great cavities that emphasize in facade the crossed inner distribution of the houses and will allow that all of them have visual relation with the seat and the facade of the church. The house of the superior plant invests the distribution so that the zone to be, dining room and cooks are in relation to the perimetral terrace from where it is possible to be enjoyed views to all the old helmet of Granollers.


地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó
面积 1,086.05 m2
摄影 Starp Estudi




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 西班牙