House 205


H ARQUITECTES 完成的这项工程建在一块有着陡峭斜坡的地块上,上面长满了大片树木和灌木丛。其设计目的在于建造房屋的同时尽量不给当地带来负面影响。房屋将建在一块天然的石台上,而石台将同时用作房屋的出口和花园。最小程度地改变土地状态并且建造人工景观平台,在这一点上,建筑设计师和开发商达成了共识。为了能够保持当地林区的地貌,设计师充分利用了现有的土地框架,将仅有的一块不够平坦的地方,修建成一条蜿蜒的小路,斜穿过该地块,最终与街道相连。一大片岩层和两根混凝土立柱将成为房屋的基石。与此同时,设计师将开辟一块房屋与岩石之间的空间,以保证长期的通风透气。


At first it appeared that the site was not suitable for the construction of a house. However, removal of the surface layer of earth exposed a wide bank of rock upon which a house could be placed without damaging the surroundings. The following objectives, shared by the developer, were met: to take advantage of the uniqueness of the location, to minimize the movement of earth, to take advantage of the existing natural layout in order to provide entry to and exit from the garden, and to conserve the features of the forest and its flora. The only artificial changes will be the adjustment of the access road and the construction of the house, which is conceived using sustainable criteria and which will have a low environmental impact.

The house will be built with a structure of laminated wood in large KLH panels, which will be used on walls and ceilings. This system works as a diffuse structure with neither hierarchy nor a Cartesianstructure of load bearing walls, but as a whole structure working together.


地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó
面积 132 m2
摄影 Starp Estudi, Anna Bonet




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地点: 西班牙