Sun Valley Music Pavilion


这是 FTL Design Engineering Studio 主持设计的一个音乐表演会所,项目的成功取决于建筑、声学、工程学、美学等多个领域专家的合作。建筑外壳采用了拉伸钢,落在木材和铜质地的屋顶上。舞台前部拱起约70英尺,结构不受气候和地震的影响,无论从哪个方位都可以看到舞台中央。


(Sun Valley, ID, August, 2009) New York Architect, Nicholas Goldsmith FAIA, principal of FTL Design and Engineering Studio’s uses a collaborative approach when designing both temporary and permanent performance chambers. Because of the complexity of designing a performance structure, Nic encourages synergy of specialists that synchronize beauty, function, and engineering. In the end, Goldsmith’s performance chamber is much like that of a symphony composition, a sum of many complex parts. FTL is known for successful music and performing arts venues, including Pier 6 on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Washington DC’s Concert Pavilion on at the West Lawn of the Capitol, and the New York Philharmonic, and Metropolitan Opera’s portable concert facility.

This August, the 45,000-square-foot state-of-the art performance pavilion commissioned by the Sun Valley Summer Symphony and Sun Valley Company, struck a high note for its inaugural concert. The Music Pavilion houses a 3,000 square-foot stage under a proscenium arch that supports the permanent horn-like acoustical shell. The shell is built of a tensile-steel web over which a wood and copper shingled roof is mounted. The roof structure was engineered by FTL’s Joe Schedlbauer. The proscenium arch soars 70-feet and is anchored by an immense foundation engineered by Idaho engineering firm ES2. The foundation is designed to make the structure extremely resistant to forces of weather and earthquakes. The arch was constructed in a Washington state shipyard, transported to Sun Valley in three separate pieces, and welded together on site by Intermountain Construction, Inc., under the supervision of Project Manager, Derek Wright.

For this project, architectural firm Ruscitto/Latham/Blanton (RLB) of Ketchum, Idaho worked in close collaboration with FTL for the design development and construction documents and overseeing the pavilion’s detailing and construction. Nicholas Latham, AIA says of the collaboration, “We were fortunate to have a group of Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors that could coordinate the complexities of the structure and the various architectural components in twelve months from start to finish, a very short period of time.”

In addition, FTL/RLB’s team credit consultants, Benchmark Associates, P.A. and Eggers Associates, Landscape Architects for engineering the slope of the amphitheatre to be aesthetically carved into the hillside of Sun Valley Resort’s mountainside. To allow better viewing for the audiences and reduce surrounding traffic noise during rehearsals and performances Eggers Associates designed graceful berms around the top perimeter of the amphitheatre. In the design phase, Sun Valley Co. owner Earl Holding and his family continually stressed the importance of enhancing the experience for those watching and listening from the surrounding lawns.

FTL/RLB’s collaboration with Jaffe Holden Acoustics offered the designers the expertise to achieve acoustical excellence synergizing form with surface projection. Sporting a highly engineered sound system sound seamlessly emanates from the stage passing through great spans of techno-textile membrane to the outer lawn hosting an additional seating area for 2000. The design of the amphitheatre’s translucent membrane that washes the audience in filtered light requires no support structures —meaning none of the 1,500 seats have an obstructed view of the stage.

The spectral architectural lighting scheme and engineering developed by Auerbach, Glasow & French. Theatrical design and engineering was coordinated by Don Guyton, Senior Associate were honed and implemented by Idaho Electrical Engineer Paul D. Stoops Associates, P.E.

As his design inspiration for the commission Goldsmith cites Goethe’s idea, “architecture is frozen music”. This statement touches on the tight relationship between architecture and music. The grand performance chamber reflects Goldsmith’s view of the structure as a sensuous musical instrument itself. Goldsmith says the pavilion “emerges from the terrain in the form of two stone retaining walls, rising to its apex to create an intimate sense of place, then melding visually with the natural landscape.”

“Architecturally, our pavilion makes a big statement in mountain towns of community. Without the marvelous collaborative efforts of the City, experts and disciplines, involved in its evolution, it simply would not have happened”, said Sun Valley Co. General Manager Wally Huffman.


设计事务所 FTL Design Engineering Studio
地点 美国
项目建筑师 Nic Goldsmith, Matthew Hilyard, Amedeo Perlas, Ashish Soni, Nicholas Latham, Thadd Blanton, Michael Bulls, Scott Heiner
面积 100,000 square feet




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 美国